Birch Branding
FTTD Storyboard -Black.jpg

Verizon Fios TV Test Drive Promo Video

Visual Design & Motion: Lindsay Birch


For this project, I was tasked with creating excitement around the launch of Fios TV Test Drive through a promo video. The marketing team wanted this video to be informational and educational on what to expect from the tool, as well as selling how great of a feature it is. Fios TV Test Drive is a way to experience the best of Fios TV for 60 days with all channels, including premium. This tool gives a TV package recommendation for users based upon their viewing history. They’re able to opt into the recommended package or select their own at the end.


Created a promo video that quickly articulates the tool and how it’ll enhance the customers journey in picking a TV package that is right for them.

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects


The main challenges with this project were around securing partners to be in this video to create the excitement. I worked with the marketing team, as well as directly with partners like Showtime to secure assets and go through approval processes to make this video happen. Another challenge was aligning the latest marketing language to the video. The copy used didn’t describe the functionality that the team wanted to get across for this video in explaining the features. I needed to work directly with the Brand team and Legal to get appropriate approvals. The final challenge being to keep the video short and clear - there are a lot of moving parts with the tool.

FTTD Storyboard-Final.jpg


  1. Sketching & storyboarding - Determined what content should be conveyed through this video, working closely with the Marketing team. Then storyboarded out the main screens to convey this concept.

  2. Reviewing and iterating - Review process occurred for Brand, Legal, Marketing and Partners. We iterated until everyone approved the storyboard. Then we could begin actually building the video

  3. Motion Design - Created the video in After Effects following the storyboard. Used Verizon Brand Guidelines for motion to make the video feel in-line with Verizon’s current look and feel within promo videos. Got approval from all teams on the video. Hand off the file asset to development to place on the site.


View the video on the site here