Birch Branding

Packaging Design

From children’s games, to tea, to luxury cosmetic packaging.

Toy Packaging. Block Party is a block game designed to teach children between the ages of 2-4 facial expressions. Silly monsters gives children the opportunity to make learning fun. This set includes 3 sets of monsters with different features (hats/hair, eyes and mouthes), as well as a game guide for parents.


Hygiene Packaging. Armor for your skin. A luxury lotion brand, Sekoi, made with hippo milk that protects the skin from UV-rays and is anti-bacterial. The name of the brand is derived from Afrikaans (South African Language), Sekoi means hippo.



Tea Packaging. The word Aditi means boundless and freedom, which began as the inspiration for this piece. After studying the culture of India, the Diwali Festival (The Festival of Lights) sparked an idea. The signature tea packaging represents the festival as a whole. The lantern exterior is the source of light that people use to shield themselves from darkness. Each individual box marks a separate day of the festival, bring the lantern to life.